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Backup Critical Data

The backing-up of data, however it is done, is for many organisations the cornerstone of their business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

It is, however, fraught with difficulties as it is one of the few IT processes that requires frequent human intervention and often relies on media which has a relatively short longevity.

It is a sobering thought, that even if your daily back-ups have a success rate of 99%, you will still have 3 failures a year.

It is our experience that problems with tape, virtual tape and disk-based back-ups are one of the most common reasons for people to call our Servicedesk.

While it is a process that can never be 100% reliable, there are ways in which Great Web Company can help you to ensure you minimise the number of problems you encounter. Typically, we would review your current procedures, we would perform a three year growth projection and review the available methods, recommending a best-practice ITIL compliant and cost effective method.

For tape back-ups we would ensure the reliability of tape media, recommend an effective quantity of tapes to be used (in a pool for effective backing-up) and train staff on how to best verify the back-up log to ensure completion. We also monitor storage growth.

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