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The explosion in spyware has presented businesses with increasing concerns about security issues, ranging from data theft and network damage to reputation loss and exposure to potential litigation.

Employees installing and using unauthorised applications like Instant Messaging, games and peer-to-peer file-sharing applications are the source of many of the issues.

We can show you why it is important to control such applications, discuss the various approaches, and show you how integrating this functionality into malware protection is the simplest and most cost-effective solution.

First Steps

Obviously installing anti-virus software on all of your desktops and servers, and ensuring they are kept up to date is an essential first step. Because new viruses can spread extremely quickly, however, it is important to have an updating infrastructure in place which can update all the computers in your company seamlessly, frequently, and at short notice.

Sophos anti-virus solutions can be automatically updated, ensuring the latest virus and spyware protection is in place against the latest threats even when your office is unmanned.

And don't forget to protect your laptop computers and desktop computers used by home workers. Ensure they are running up-to-date virus protection as viruses, worms and spyware can easily use these devices to enter your business. Sophos can easily ensure that your laptop and remote workforce are automatically updated with the latest virus protection every time they connect to the internet or your network.

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