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Project Management

Great Web Company staff are well versed in Prince2© project management techniques and our customers are able to benefit from our professional, formalised approach to any project, no matter how big or how small.

Why use a formal project management approach?

Project failures are all too common - some large government ones make the headlines but the vast majority are quickly forgotten. The reasons for failure are wide and varied. Some common causes are...
  • Lack of co-ordination of resources and activities
  • Lack of communication with interested parties, leading to products being delivered which are not what the Customer wanted
  • Poor estimation of duration and costs, leading to projects taking more time and costing more money than expected
  • Insufficient measurables
  • Inadequate planning of resources, activities, and scheduling
  • Lack of control over progress so that projects do not reveal their exact status until too late
  • Lack of quality control, resulting in the delivery of products that are unacceptable or unusable.
Without a formal project management approach, those who commission a project, those who manage it and those who work on it will have different ideas about how things should be organised and when the different aspects of the project will be completed.

To avoid the pitfalls when planning a project, call us.

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