Great Web Company
eMail Services

Is dealing with spam and viruses a burden for your organisation?

Would you like to stop worrying about unwanted email?

We can help with our hosted email security service that filters spam, viruses, phishing attempts, and other email born attacks before they ever reach your mail server.

Utilising Zero Hour Virus Protection and Recurrent Pattern Technology our Email Security service handles the complex problem of processing and scanning your inbound email for security threats, and provides you with a simple, cost effective solution that resolves your email security concerns.

Our Email Security benefits include:

  • Offload all of your antispam and antivirus scanning to the email security experts.
  • Backup your mail server, so that if your mail server goes offline you don't lose a message.
  • Save Money through reduced IT administrative burdens, lost employee productivity, hardware and software maintenance costs, bandwidth requirements, potential outbreaks and much more.

How Does it Work?

A simple change to your MX records, and your email is filtered through the Great Web Company servers, removing unwanted email, and forwarding legitimate mail on to you.

Please contact us for details
0800 043 7107.