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Database Design

With many years of experience in the development of database systems for a wide range of companies, we can offer a level of professionalism that only comes from being a specialist.

We can offer IT consultancy, training, a high level of customer support but it is the specialism that sets us apart.

We are not just an IT support company attempting to thinly spread ourselves, offering a "make do" solution.

We analyse, design, program, install and train you to achieve your very own company's application.

Database-driven solutions that will help you run your business day to day.

Perhaps you've created a database before. Or had one made for you by a colleague or an I.T. company. You can already glimpse the potential, but it is just not good enough. - There's that nagging functionality that you just can't get. Or it has flaws - or is too slow.

You may feel that what you have, even if it's just paper based, works perfectly well for you. It does everything you need it to. That doesn't mean it's doing everything that it could be doing for you. We can show you the new horizon.

What if you've never even seen a database system before. Many companies have them - but not everyone has used one. If you don't know what they do, what they can do for you, or if you even need one, we can show you.

We are specialists in the design of Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL databases and applications.

We can deliver your system needs however complex or simple - from conception to professional software solution.   

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