Great Web Company
Server Maintenance

By taking a pro-active approach to supporting our customers networks, we work to ensure uninterrupted operations:-

  • We actively monitor your server's health to ensure that problems are detected and resolved quickly, thus preventing a minor issue from becoming a major service outage.
  • We ensure that all operating system patches and third party security upgrades are performed to prevent exposure to security vulnerabilities.
  • We monitor system backups to ensure your critical data is available for restore in the event of inadvertent file deletion or a catastrophic system failure.
  • We liaise with third-party vendors to ensure resolution of hardware and software failures.
  • We ensure anti-virus, anti-threat and anti-spam software is in place and constantly up to date.
  • We identify and advise on capacity planning issues to allow for the continued seamless growth of your company.
  • We install third party software to allow you to take advantage of new technology opportunities.
  • We work out-of-hours, to ensure that normal operations are not impacted by any maintenance work that we do.